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Community Rehabilitation Programs

Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRP) provide directly or facilitate the provision of one or more vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities. These services enable those individuals to maximize their opportunities for employment, including career advancement.

This list of services may include but is not limited to:  Supported Employment Services (Vocational assessment, job development, placement and retention services), Behavioral Health Assessment and Management, Rehabilitation Technology, and a host of other services that may be considered as needed for an individual’s vocational rehabilitation.

For the purposes of this definition, the word program means an agency, organization, or institution, or unit of an agency, organization, or institution, that provides directly or facilitates the provision of vocational rehabilitation services as one of its major functions.  A jobseeker who is working with a CRP provider that provides "Supported Employment" will work with employment support professionals who are also known as employment specialists, employment consultants, or job coaches.

Community Rehabilitation Program Directory