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Focus on Acquired Disablilties

Occupation: Truck Driver

Raymond loved his job as a diesel mechanic. His career became impractical after he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and was unable to lift more than 25 pounds. He researched other job possibilities and learned about "no-touch" truck driving jobs in which a driver does not load or unload the truck; he simply drives it. Raymond found a company in Middlesex that liked his background and indicated they would hire him as a driver once he acquired CDL-A certification.

However, Raymond could not afford retraining on his own. He met with a counselor at the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) and learned that his diagnosis made him eligible for services from DVRS. His counselor helped him research different training schools in the area. They also used labor market and in-demand occupation data to confirm that Raymond's new career was in an industry ripe for steady employment. Raymond qualified for DVRS financial assistance for the training and was able to attend the truck driving school. He had access to the DVRS Jersey Job Club as well. Raymond obtained his CDL-A license in February 2013 and began a full-time job with benefits for Auscor Transportation in April 2013. He told his counselor that he was happy to be working again and loves his new job.

DVRS provides counseling and guidance to people who become disabled and need services in order to reenter the job market. Services can include financial assistance when an individual needs training in order to get the skills necessary for a new chosen field.