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Focus on Assistive Devices

Occupation: Engineer

John is an engineer who became disabled when he had to have his right leg amputated just below the knee. He came to the Burlington office of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) seeking advice because he wanted to return to work as an engineer. John arrived at his first appointment with the counselor using a wheelchair. John worked with his DVRS counselor on his goal of purchasing a prosthetic leg. They determined how much financial assistance he could receive from DVRS, which helped him purchase a prosthetic leg and increased his mobility. His DVRS counselor provided counseling and guidance to help John become comfortable with his new leg and help him realize that he could, in fact, return to work in engineering.

John also had interest in driving again so his DVRS counselor arranged a driver's evaluation. It was determined that he could return to driving a vehicle with modification of the left foot pedal. DVRS also provided financial assistance for this modification. John passed his road test and returned to driving using the modification. Subsequently, John landed a job as a senior project manager/engineer with Hargrove Engineers, where he currently works full time and earns a competitive salary.

DVRS provides financial assistance for prosthetic and vehicle modifications to consumers who need them to obtain employment. Consumers work with DVRS counselors to determine the amount of financial assistance they qualify for and DVRS provides counseling and guidance throughout the process.