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Focus on Communication


Occupation: Area Manager

David is deaf and uses American Sign Language (ASL) as his primary language. While he has command of the English language, he worked with his DVRS counselor and together they decided that he would benefit from having an employment specialist skilled in sign language to support him in finding employment. He was a strong candidate as a retail manager but he was concerned about the employer's apprehension to hire him due to his hearing loss and communication needs.

His DVRS counselor and employment specialist encouraged him to remain positive and focused through the interviewing process. His resilience paid off when Amazon offered him a position as an area manager in July. His beginning salary is over $75,000 and the position comes with benefits and other bonuses based on his performance. His counselor joined him at Amazon to discuss the job accommodations needed for him to be successful. Amazon appreciated the counselor's technical assistance and was very willing to provide the needed work accommodations, including sign language interpreters for both his out-of-state orientation as well as orientation at the worksite in New Jersey.

DVRS employs deaf language specialists who provide direct counseling to DVRS consumers who require ASL. DVRS counselors also provide technical assistance to businesses that hire qualified candidates with disabilities. Counselors ensure that employers understand the accommodations that an individual needs to do their job.