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Occupation: Animal Caretaker

Paul came to DVRS with his mother for guidance on employment. His DVRS counselor immediately sensed that Paul was reluctant to consider any kind of job, but his family wanted him to take the risk and try working. Both his family and his counselor saw Paul's potential and realized work would be beneficial.

Paul participated in two evaluations and a brief training. During a counseling session Paul told his counselor about his interest in working with animals. He volunteered every weekend at a horse riding center and worked with children with disabilities. He insisted on maintaining his volunteer hours because it was very important to him. Paul's career assessment was consistent with his volunteering interests; it showed that he would be best suited for employment allowing him to work with animals.

DVRS provided a job coach who worked with Paul and helped him get an interview with Atlantic City Pet Hotel. Paul was hired and the store owners were very accommodating and happy. DVRS provided a one-on-one job coach to help Paul learn his job. At the time of publishing, Paul has been working at Atlantic City Pet Hotel for five months now and recently reported, "I love this job!"

DVRS provides intense job coaching to individuals with disabilities who need direct instruction to learn the specific tasks of their job. Trained job coaches, also called employment specialists, instruct individuals so they can acquire the skills to do the jobs they are hired to do. After the employee learns the job, the employment specialist gradually spends less time with the new employee. Eventually their services are not needed. Job coaching is provided at no cost to the business.