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Just for You

Just for You

New Jersey Career Connections provides specialized career navigation support for jobseekers with disabilities, veterans, mature workers, youth, displaced homemakers, and ex-offenders. Check out the information below to see how we can help you realize your career goals.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services is here to help jobseekers with disabilities who are having trouble finding or holding a job because of their disability. If you have a disability that is preventing you from working or endangering your present employment, you may wish to submit a referral for our services.

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Veteran Services

Veterans receive priority referral to all jobs and training opportunities for which they are qualified. Staff specialists at local One-Stop Career Centers help veterans find suitable jobs and training opportunities.

Learn about our services for veterans

Mature Worker (55+) Services

WorkForce 55+ is a federally-funded program that offers jobs and training to economically disadvantaged seniors 55 years of age and older, helping them return to the workforce. In addition, we offer useful tips to help mature workers stay competitive in the job market.

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Youth Services

Services are available to eligible youth ages 16-24 in the areas of career awareness, skills assessment, and career counseling through the One-Stop Career Centers.

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Displaced Homemaker Services

Displaced homemaker programs help individuals who have worked in the home for a number of years and suddenly find that they are the primary source of household income learn to update skills for today's job market. In many cases, displaced homemakers are underemployed and unable to support themselves or their children.


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Ex-offender Services

If you are an ex-offender in need of services, your One-Stop Career Center can help. Each One-Stop Career Center has trained staff available to assist you.

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