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Opportunity Partnership Program for Jobseekers

Need training for a specific job?

The Opportunity Partnership Program may be your answer.

If you are a resident of New Jersey, and currently collecting unemployment insurance benefits, or exhausted within the last 52 weeks, this program may give you the occupational training you need to help you get back to work.

The Opportunity Partnership training program helps you secure industry-specific employment by providing practical job readiness training in occupational or credential areas. Employers have identified specific skills or credentials that are required before you are considered eligible for positions within their company. Training providers encourage employer partners to hire their newly trained jobseekers by assisting them with the costs of their training. You get job readiness classroom, and in some cases, practical training with an opportunity to learn a new skill and land a job.

How to participate in the Opportunity Partnership training program

  • You must be a New Jersey resident who is currently receiving unemployment insurance benefits, or who has exhausted unemployment insurance benefits within the last 52 weeks.
  • You must be receiving employment counseling by approved job counselors, seeking training services, and make an application for such services at your local One-Stop Career Center.
  • You may not self-enroll prior to the approval from the job counselors.
  • Upon selection into an industry-specific training program, you may interview and make arrangements with employers during training depending on the complexity of skills that you may learn. Training periods vary.
  • You may get hired following training and have a greater chance of being exactly what the employer needs from the onset.

Our training providers know employers who have specific employment needs. They will work to find suitable opportunities for you. Employers will make the final hiring decision.

The Opportunity Partnership training program helps you rebuild your personal economic situation while you help rebuild New Jersey's economy. To learn if the Opportunity Partnership training program is right for you, please visit your local One-Stop Career Center.