All One-Stop Career Centers Closed

One-Stop Career Centers are closed due to COVID-19 response efforts. Customers with scheduled appointments will be contacted by NJDOL at a later date. Please visit us online at (609-984-9414),, and OPERATIONS WILL REMAIN CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the New Jersey Career Connections website?

The New Jersey Career Connections website provides users direct access to career navigation resources, including interactive tools and useful resources such as a directory of training programs, information on hundreds of careers, and advice and guidance on a wide variety of topics. In addition, the website will help jobseekers learn how to network, find employment, and prepare for interviews.

Where can I find my local One-Stop Career Center?

You can find your local One-Stop Career Center on our One-Stop Career Centers page.

Where can I get help to make my resume stronger?

Prepare and improve your resume with our Top-Notch Resumes.

I need to update my skills. How can I do that?

One-Stop Career Centers currently offer training grants and tuition waivers for clients who qualify. Please visit our page on Training and Education Opportunities.

What jobs have the most listings?

Please visit Understand the Job Market to review current labor market information.

I am disabled/unable to do the work I used to do. What do I do now?

Please visit our Vocational Rehabilitation Services page for information on available services.

I am an ex-offender. Can you help me?

Our One-Stop Career Centers can help. Please visit our Ex-offender Services page for assistance.

Does your services really work?

Yes. We've helped thousands of New Jerseyans from all backgrounds create their own path to success. Read some of our inspiring stories about jobseekers who connected with the right opportunity at the right time.

How can I start mapping a career plan?

Get started on your career plan by first visiting Need Help Getting Started? We ask a few questions that we use to tailor our recommendations.

I am homeless and need assistance.

Please visit our Human Services page to access state, federal, and nonprofit resources for assistance with income, housing and utilities, child care, food, and health care.

How do I file an unemployment claim?

Please visit the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Developmment, Division of Unemployment Insurance's website to open a new unemployment claim, check your claim status and benefits, manage direct deposit, change your address/phone number and download your 1099-G and other tax statements.

Do you offer services for networking?

Yes. Please visit Master the Art of Networking for information on social media, identifying and building your job search network, networking conversations, and identifying and preparing your professional references.

How can I volunteer to find employment?

Please visit Volunteering - Help Others (& Yourself, Too) for tips on where to volunteer, growing your network and skills, exploring dream jobs, building your resume, and maximizing the volunteer experience.

I am interested in training. Where can I learn more?

There are many options for training programs and funding through grants for those who qualify. Please visit our Training and Education Opportunities page for additional information.

Can you assist me in finding employment?

You may be interested in joining a Jersey Job Club where you'll receive personal attention and support to conduct a successful job search, grow your network, develop or improve your job search, resume, and interviewing skills, and connect with your community through skills-based volunteering.

How do I learn about different labor markets?

Please visit Understand the Job Market section to view current labor market information.

I have an interview. Do you have any pointers?

Please visit Interviewing Skills for tools that will help set you apart during an interview as the ideal candidate for a position.

I'm unsure how to manage my finances. Where can I get help?

Please refer to our Your Finances section for assistance in ensuring your finances are in order.

What populations do your services assist?

New Jersey Career Connections provides personal resources and support for your unique life situation. A wide variety of services are offered for jobseekers with disabilities, veterans, mature workers, youth, displaced homemakers, and ex-offenders. Check out Just for You to see how we can help you realize your career goals.

As an employer, what assistance does your website offer for hiring employees?

Our Business Representatives and Veteran Business Representatives work with businesses of all sizes to help them thrive. Visit Recruit Qualified Candidates for more information.

Our company may experience layoffs. What services do you offer?

Rapid Response is a proactive, business-focused, and flexible strategy designed to respond to layoffs and help growing companies access an available pool of skilled workers from other companies that are experiencing layoffs.