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One-Stop Career Centers are closed due to COVID-19 response efforts. Customers with scheduled appointments will be contacted by NJDOL at a later date. Please visit us online at (609-984-9414),, and OPERATIONS WILL REMAIN CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

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DVRS Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in vending services for the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS). To provide services, you must be qualified by virtue of direct experience, training, and education in the professional disciplines and service delivery models in which you seek approval.

New Jersey Administrative Code 12:51 states that "an organization shall have been in existence providing the service for which it is seeking approval for a minimum of two years or be able to demonstrate the capacity to provide the service applied for a result of providing a similar service or have a history of being able to implement services successfully." Please understand that this standard is strictly upheld.

No referrals or set amount of revenue from DVRS can be guaranteed. Your organization must not consider DVRS funds as a primary source of revenue to either start or sustain operations. Each potential vendor must be able to support its operations independently of DVRS funding and must be doing so at the time of application. Job coaching services are purchased on a fee-for-service basis and not by contract. Long-Term Follow-Along services are funded via a contract.

Approval of new programs will be based upon the application, a letter of intent, and DVRS local office manager review. Approval also depends upon the need for the services in the county or counties in which you intend to operate. In addition, DVRS will periodically evaluate vendor performance, which includes compliance with New Jersey Administrative Code 12:51, quality of service, and other pertinent factors. DVRS reserves the right to terminate approved vendors for convenience or cause. If a vendor has become inactive, any outstanding invoices will be paid pending customary review by DVRS. Qualified Vendor applications will be reviewed for approval on a quarterly basis.

Please fill out the online application and mail your letter of intent with the required attachments. Once these materials are reviewed, you will receive feedback on your status as a prospective vendor, including possible disapproval. You may be asked to clarify your letter of intent. You may be required to meet and discuss your plans with the manager of the local field office in the county or counties your organization intends to serve: Do not contact the local field office manager until advised by Central Office to do so. Applications will be closed after 6 months of inactivity.

How to apply


Complete a vendor application