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H-2A Application, Job Order and Housing Inspection Process

The employer must request inspection of his/her farm labor housing at least 60 days in anticipation of his/her date of hiring need. The employer must prepare a job offer on the ETA Form 790 (Agricultural and Food Processing Clearance Order) along with a set of assurances attached to the ETA 790 and a form ETA Form 9142 (Application for Temporary Employment Certification) and submit a copy of the complete package and all attachments to the State Workforce Agency (SWA) for interstate-intrastate clearance.

 The following requirements must be met:

  1. The job order must be submitted to the SWA no more than 75 calendar days and no fewer than 60 calendar days before the start date of the job
  2. The job order must be identified as one that will be used in connection with a future filed Application for Temporary Employment Certification (ETA Form 9142) with the USDOL
  3. The contents of the job order must satisfy the requirements of 20 CFR part 653, subpart F and 20 CFR 655.122. After the H-2A job order is received and entered into New Jersey's Job Bank by SWA staff, a confirmation will be faxed or e-mail to the employer.

Complete application package (ETA Form 9142, ETA Form 790 and attached set of assurances and supporting documentation). Original forms may be mailed or delivered by private mail courier to the following address:

US Department of Labor - ETA
Chicago National Processing Center
536 South Clark Street, 9th Floor
Chicago, IL 60605-1509
Attention: H-2A Program Unit