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Many Paths, One Future Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit an application?

Either an employer or a school (high school, college or university) may submit a completed application.

What type of business is eligible to receive funding through the Internship Incentive Program?

Any profit or non-profit business registered in the state of New Jersey may apply.

What requirements must a business meet to qualify?

The business

  • must pay New Jersey unemployment and disability insurance taxes,
  • may not have liability of more than $750 with the Department of Treasury,
  • cannot be considered a government entity, and
  • must register with New Jersey’s NJSTART procurement system (for payment).

The Incentive Program Checklist for Employers (form WD-172) offers additional guidance on these topics.

How much of an incentive is possible for hiring an intern through this program?

A business can receive up to $1,500 in wage reimbursements for each intern.

Does the program specify a minimum or maximum duration for the internship?

Internships must last at least three weeks. There is no cap on how long an internship can last.

Can an application be submitted if an intern has already started working with a business?

Yes. Internships that have already begun will be considered for reimbursement beginning with the date that the application was submitted to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD). We cannot retroactively issue reimbursement for hours worked before the application was submitted.

What role does the school play in the process?

The school verifies student enrollment and determines whether the student is eligible for the program. Some schools require students to maintain a certain grade point average or be in a certain year of their studies to participate in an internship.

How many interns, receiving subsidized wages through the Internship Incentive Program, can a business have at one time?

At any given time, a business may have no more than 25 wage-reimbursed interns, or 25% of their total employee count (whichever occurs first).

When are reimbursements paid to the business?

Reimbursements are paid either when the contract end date has been reached, or when the employer has paid $3,000 in wages to the intern, whichever occurs first. Reimbursements are typically issued within 10 days from the date LWD receives payroll information from the employer.