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Attention: WOTC Consultants/Attorneys

We are pleased to announce that starting September 19, 2013 the WOTC automated system in New Jersey has been enhanced to include the following changes:

Password Protected: (In addition to your Authorization Key currently used to log-in)

The first time that you log-in using the new password system, you will log in with your Authorization Key and use that same number for the password. After you hit continue, the following page contains a field for "Reset Password." The password is numeric only and may contain up to nine (9) digits. You will be the administrator of your password and may change it as often as you like. We will not have access to the number that you choose.

Powers of Attorney (POA) should be entered electronically via the automated system. The system will accept all FEINs regardless of the state of registration. Please retain the original POA in your office. You do not have to mail the original to the NJLWD. If you are entering a POA and the system recognizes the FEIN, any information that is already on file will automatically upload. Please verify the validation dates and edit any outdated or incorrect information.

We were made aware of your many concerns with the security of the system, and have now corrected the issue. We are asking that all applications be data entered into the automated system and the paper copies be retained in your office. Sending in applications via mail will add to the delay in receiving certifications for your employer's tax credits. If you can not apply online, you may download IRS form 8850 and ETA form 9061 at Complete the required sections and mail the forms to: WOTC Unit / New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development / P.O. Box 058 / Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0058. WOTC requests must be postmarked within 28 days of the date you hire your new employee. In addition to the security concerns, the enhancements below have been added to accelerate the data entry process:

On the 8850 and 9061 forms several fields that were "required fields" are now optional and do not require input to enter the application:

Form 8850

"County" field is Optional

"Telephone Number" is Optional

"Date Applicant Gave Information" is Optional

"Date Applicant Was Offered Job" is Optional

Form 9061

For Questions #14 and #16 (SNAP/TANF) - If you checked "Yes" for any of the questions:

The First Name (primary recipient), Last Name (primary recipient), City, and State are no longer required if the primary recipient is the new employee listed on the application. You are only required to provide that information if the primary recipient is different than the newly hired employee.

NOTE: Please remember that you are able to print out your own certifications/denials. Currently you must print each file separately; however, an additional enhancement of a "Print All" feature will be added in the near future. You may also access the system to view any applications that are still waiting to be reviewed or waiting for documents. If an application is listed as "waiting for docs," it does not always mean that we are waiting for additional information from you.  It may mean that the application is waiting for NJLWD staff to "document" the required information for TANF/SNAP recipients, Felons, EZ etc. If we need additional information from you, please wait to receive a needs letter from NJLWD so that it can be attached to the information requested before it is returned to us for processing.

We are working diligently to reduce the backlog and look forward to providing a prompt turn-around time on your applications. Help us help you by taking full advantage of the automated WOTC system.