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Opportunity Partnership Program for Businesses


"I can't find qualified help for the job openings I have."

"I just got training, but I still can't find a job."

We talk with employers and jobseekers every day. Why is there this disconnect?

In the not-so-distant past, jobseekers sometimes didn't know what skills were in demand, and didn't always choose to learn skills employers needed in this new economic environment.

We listened. So, to develop a workforce prepared to meet the real-world needs of today's businesses, we created the Opportunity Partnership program.

How does Opportunity Partnership work?

In a nutshell, we help employers, like you, identify an appropriate educational institution or training provider. Then you and the school together develop training programs to teach the skills you really need.

Upon completing the program, trainees will be qualified for entry-level positions in your company. The partnership creates opportunities and benefits for all stakeholders: You get workers qualified to fill your job openings. The schools get great results - trainees go from graduation directly to a job. Jobseekers get fresh, desirable skills and a quick connection to the job market. All because we planned it together.

Why should I participate?

The cost of training is covered by grants paid by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development to the training provider, so there's no cost to employers.

We want employers to be satisfied with the new-hires that result from the partnership. To lay the groundwork for a positive outcome, you get to interview and select applicants to participate in the training program.

Is the Opportunity Partnership program right for me?

Opportunity Partnership is a great opportunity for employers who understand that their active involvement in the partnership will yield the best outcome. This means giving schools your input about what the training program should cover, and working with staff in One-Stop Career Centers to get the best match for potential new hires.

We carefully review partnership proposals to ensure that actual jobs await successful trainees/graduates. We write a contract only if the school can show a tight connection with the named employer-partner(s). A "letter of support" is not sufficient. We will verify information stated on the proposal, and also confirm the positions with you, and when you expect the jobs to be open. Only deserving proposals are funded.

Opportunity is knocking!

Contact a representative at your local One-Stop Career Center today to find out more!