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Notice of Grant Opportunity Webinar Frequently Asked Questions

Should additional questions come up when developing proposals, to whom should they be directed to?

Submit via email to Accepted until 3 P.M., November 30, 2017. No phone calls. Inquiries must include the subject line: TN NGO 2018 Question(s).

What is the TDC?

The TDC’s are designed to build and implement new career pathways that will meet the workforce needs of employers while allowing individuals to earn industry-valued credentials, college credit, enter an apprenticeship program and ultimately earn an associate degree or enter into an articulated agreement towards a baccalaureate degree. TDCs serve as “Centers for Excellence” for career pathway development and implementation within a designated industry.

The Talent Development Centers focus on the following seven key industries:
A. Transportation, Logistics and Distribution
B. Construction/Utilities
C. Advanced Manufacturing
D. Health Care
E. Retail, Hospitality and Tourism
F. Life Sciences
G. Financial Services

If we were a sub-contractor in a previous grant, do we list it as receiving prior funding?


What counties are represented by the Construction Talent Network?

Counties will be determined at a future date and will be included in the contract given to the awardee of the grant.

Do all areas have like TDCs?

No, Food and Technology do not.

Are all areas represented in the maps including the new fields?

No, New maps will be created in the near future for Construction/Utilities and the Food Industry Talent Networks. Please see the labor market data for the Talent Networks on the states website. This data is used in consideration to determine areas.

Is the TN required to partner with an existing TDC? Specifically, if a nearby TDC does not focus on our area/field

Talent Networks will be required to partner with the corresponding TDC in their industry. The Food Industry Talent Network will partner with the Advanced Manufacturing Talent Development Center. The TN Technology Consultants will partner and advise all Talent Networks and will assist the TDC’s as needed

Is there a match, or cost-share component to this grant?

Yes, applicants must demonstrate how their organization will support Talent Network programming with other resources including funds (financial, supplemental and in-kind contributions) leveraged from other sources.

Following up on the cost share question, is there a dollar match (amount) requirement for applicants?

No, there is not a specific required dollar match amount.

So funding for individual training will be provided by a different funding resource?

How do construction applicants account for geographic specific partners?

Applicants are required to Provide a sum total of eight (8) references from partners who commit to participate in Talent Network efforts including targeted industry partnerships, summits, and other events/activities designated by LWD. Provide five (5) references from businesses; and three (3) references from the following categories (select a different category for each reference): educational institution including K-12 program, community- or faith-based organization, workforce development board, industry association including chambers of commerce, philanthropic organization, labor union or other key stakeholder. Once a grant is awarded, the specific TIP area regions will be established for the Construction/Utilities Talent Network.

How are individuals referred to us for training or other services?

They are not. Talent Networks are employer centered.

Applicants are asked to include Financial Statements for the 3 most recent years. Do you require 7 copies of printed Financial Statements for the proposal?

If your organization is required to submit Financial Statements (Public institutions of higher education are exempt from this requirement), then you should submit copies of the three most recent years in each of the seven (7) required proposal submissions.

How do we determine which TDCs are appropriate partners?

Each Talent Network has a corresponding TDC for its industry with the exception of the Food Industry. The Food Industry Talent Network will partner with the Advanced Manufacturing TDC.

What is TN?

Talent Networks

Does the TN Director need to be in place prior to proposed submission?

Yes, the Director must be identified but not hired at the time of proposal submission.

Can you please explain applicant access to Tech Consultants?

The TN Technology Consultants will work collaboratively with each individual Talent Network throughout the grant period. Each Talent Network will have direct access to the TN Technology Consultants.

Are there related expenses for the TN consistent with Academy attendance?

Answer, at this time, applicants should budget travel expenses for attendance at the Strategic Partnership Academy on a monthly basis. Most training is expected to occur in Trenton, NJ.

How much should be allocated in the budget to cover academy expenses?

None at this time. If expenses are required, they will be included in the budgeting portion of the contract for the awardee of this grant.

Is the TN someone from an organization applying for the grant?

The Talent Networks are the grants that are awarded.  Ex: Retail Hospitality and Tourism & Transportation Logistics and Distribution are both examples of a Talent Network.

What is the maximum rate that can be budgeted as the Fiscal Administrative Rate located at the bottom of the sample budget attachment?

A maximum of 10% of the contract amount can be budgeted for Administration functions.  It should be noted that recipients and sub-recipients should follow the Uniform Guidance for fiscal and administrative rules at 2 CFR Parts 200, 215, 225 and 230.