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Step 1: Review the list of personal traits in Column A and select those that describe you (we’ve listed only some of the traits you might possess). Scan the list below the table for more ideas, and add any to Column A that you feel describes you.


Step 2: In Column B, describe any ways you’ve demonstrated the traits, or results you have achieved by applying the trait. These details will boost the impact of your resume, application forms, or answers to job interview questions.


Things you have done that
demonstrate the trait, or results you've achieved
by applying the trait

Reliable, arrive at work on time, ready to work.  
Dependable, complete tasks on time and accurately.  
Responsible, comply with organization's rules, policies and procedures.  

Flexible and adaptable; quick to adopt new approaches and/or change plans, goals, actions or priorities to deal with changing situations.


Coachable; willing to accept feedback and learn from mistakes.


Cooperative; able to work as part of a team (including a team with diverse members).


Self-reliant; able to work alone without continuous supervision.


Resourceful; able to think of new, creative and different ways to do things when there are no obvious solutions available.

Take initiative to seek out new responsibilities and work challenges.  

Optimistic; able to maintain a positive attitude despite difficulties.

Courteous and respectful with customers and coworkers.  

Honest; able to deal with people (including coworkers and customers), problems and situations honestly, respect company's time and property.

Cool-headed; able to work calmly in stressful, confusing, chaotic, noisy environments.  
Good at setting and meeting deadlines.


Additional Traits

accurate achievement
ambitious analytical articulate
artistic broad-minded caring committed competitive
conscientious considerate consistent constructive creative
curious decisive detail oriented determined diligent
diplomatic disciplined discreet dynamic easygoing
efficient empathetic energetic enterprising enthusiastic
entrepreneurial even tempered fair minded far sighted flexible
focused foward thinker friendly goal oriented good natured
hard working helpful honest imaginative industrious
innovative inspiring intuitive inventive leads others
logical loyal methodical meticulous motivated
objective observant open minded organized persistent
original outgoing thorough patient perceptive
personable persuasive


practical productive
prompt prudent purposeful quick realistic
respectful results oriented self-disciplined self-motivated self-starter
sensitive smart sociable supportive systematic
tactful tenacious thoughtful tolerant