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Universal or Transferrable Skills

Step 1: Review the list of universal or transferable skills in Column A and select those you have acquired. If you possess skills not listed here, add them in the rows at the bottom of the table.

Step 2: In Column B, describe any results you can think of that you achieved by applying the skill. These results will come in handy when you are creating your resume, filling out application forms, or interviewing for jobs.

Step 3: In Column C (Interest Rating), give yourself a score based on how motivated you are to use this skill in future jobs. For example, if you used the skill or applied the trait and you enjoyed performing the task and you achieved results you are proud of, give yourself a 3. If you didn’t enjoy using the skill, give yourself a 1.

Step 4: In Column D (Competency Rating), give yourself a score on how well you have mastered the skill and can apply it.


Column C: Interest Rating
3=Very Motivated,   2=Moderately Motivated,   1=Not Very Motivated

Column D: Competency Rating
3=Very Competent,   2=Moderately Competent,   1=Somewhat Competent





Universal or transferable skills I have

Results I have achieved
applying the skill

Trained less experienced coworkers how to safely use production line equipment. They become fully proficient within 2 days, quality standards are consistently met; perfect safety record achieved for 8 months. 3 3
Addressed and resolved customer problems
Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty; identified over 20 opportunities to improve our service to prevent future complaints. 1 2
Used computers to search online job postings and apply for jobs. Reduced time required to identify and apply for relevant jobs by 80%. 3 2






Universal or transferable skills I have

Results I  achieved
applying the skill


Quickly absorb and retain new information and achieve proficiency with new equipment.

Work safely with potentially dangerous equipment and/or under hazardous conditions by

a) learning and following safety practices and procedures and
b) recognizing unsafe situations and taking immediate action to eliminate the risk or danger.
Care for tools or materials / perform preventive maintenance on equipment.      
Present ideas effectively in group meetings or briefings.      
Persuade, influence, or sell others on ideas, products or services.      
Write memos, reports, manuals, case studies, instructions, and other written materials.      
Plan, organize, prioritize, and carry out assigned tasks.      
Coach or train less experienced team members.      
Delegate tasks and responsibilities, and monitor performance.      
Support and motivate subordinates.      
Keep accurate and complete records.      
Use creative approaches to problem solving, and identify root causes and steps needed to prevent problem from occurring again in the future.      
Seek, accept, and act on feedback from others.      
Continuously look for ways to improve individual and group processes and make the appropriate recommendations to my supervisor.      
Communicate well with diverse groups.      
Gather information from a number of sources.      
Collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds to achieve common goals.      
Deal effectively with complaints made by customers.      
Perform mathematical computations.      
Track progress of projects and troubleshoot as needed.      
Establish rapport with diverse groups of people.      
Research and/or analyze information or data.      
Evaluate, assess, inspect, or measure performance of people or equipment.      
Resolve or mediate interpersonal conflicts.      
Develop and implement budgets.      

Improve customer satisfaction or loyalty.

Estimate or forecast costs or requirements.      
Develop goals, work plans, and schedules.