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One-Stop Career Centers are closed due to COVID-19 response efforts. Customers with scheduled appointments will be contacted by NJDOL at a later date. Please visit us online at (609-984-9414),, and OPERATIONS WILL REMAIN CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

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Ex-offender Services

If you are an individual who has either been recently released from incarceration, were previously incarcerated, has an arrest or misdemeanor conviction in need of employment assistance, your One-Stop Career Center can help. Each One-Stop Career Center has trained staff available to assist you.

One-Stop Career Center staff provide ex-offenders employment referrals. In many cases, One-Stop Career Centers refer individuals to labor demand occupations, improving ex-offender chances of obtaining employment. One-Stop Career Centers also partner with the construction industry, school construction projects, and union-sponsored job training programs. Further, One-Stop Career Centers partner with the automobile industry, which has welcomed candidates into training programs for mechanic assistants and related jobs.

One-Stop Career Centers can help remove some of the more common barriers to employment for ex-offenders, helping with issues such as driver's license restoration, referrals to community mental health programs, job search preparation classes that take place at half-way house facilities, and community release programs under Parole supervision.

One-Stop Career Centers can also help provide access to Workforce Learning Link resources for ex-offenders. The Department of Labor and Workforce Development has partnered with the New Jersey Department of Corrections to bring Workforce Learning Link resources into prisons and half-way facilities and have made slots available within One-Stop Career Centers for those who wish to continue these courses after their release.

Additional programs that help ex-offenders obtain employment:

Additional information regarding employment for ex-offenders:

Employer incentive programs for hiring ex-offenders:

Offender Specialists

Please contact your local One-Stop Career Center Offender Specialist for more information regarding employment referrals, help removing barriers to employment, Workforce Learning Link resources, additional programs to help you obtain employment, or other employment information or assistance.

Work Location Offender Specialist Telephone
Camden** Wendy Wilson 856-614-3159
East Orange Carl Green 973-395-3244
Elizabeth Sally B. Diony 908-412-7982
Hackensack Robert Pinchak
Joseph Homer
Ext. 5650
Jersey City Johnny Ortega 201-217-4645
Neptune Wanda Perez-Melendez 732-775-1566
Ext. 163
New Brunswick Luis Fernandez 732-428-3345
Newark** Weldon Montague 973-648-7379
Newton Erin Darvalics 973-383-2775
Paterson Walter Toombs 973-742-9226
Perth Amboy Luis Rivera 732-293-5016
Phillipsburg Lisa McCool 908-859-0400
Plainfield Sally Diony 908-412-7982
Pleasantville Carmine Termini 609-645-6602
Randolph Luis Medina-Tirado 862-397-5600
Salem Cheryl Trawick 856-299-7200 Ext. 223
Somerville Kim Butler
Ronald Douglas
Thorofare Quincy Lee 856-384-3721
Toms River John Standal 732-286-5616
Trenton** Lois Sulton El 609-292-3096
Vineland Joseph Napoli 856-696-6613
Salina Nichols 609-518-3900
Wildwood Kenneth Lamb 609-729-0997


**Location specializing in job searches for ex-offenders