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Mock Interview

Practice makes perfect. This is true especially when it comes to interviewing. Practice your interview techniques with a mock interview and learn how to strengthen your interviewing skills to impress a potential employer.

What is a mock interview?

A mock interview is a 30-minute videotaped or recorded session of you being interviewed by a professional in a practice interview situation.


To prepare for the session:

  • research the company/industry of interest.
  • investigate and identify the most common industry traits sought in that company/industry (analytical skills, communication skills, business knowledge, and problem-solving skills).
  • script responses to potential questions regarding your experience.

The session

During the session:

  • dress in appropriate attire as though you are actually interviewing with a company.
  • greet the interviewer with an enthusiastic handshake and smile.
  • listen to the questions asked.
  • ask for clarification if the question is not clear.
  • keep your answers concise and to the point.
  • make sure you are selling yourself to the interviewer; highlight your good qualities.
  • have questions prepared to ask the interviewer, such as "what do you expect from an employee?" and "are there any company procedures I should be aware of?"

Reviewing your interview

When reviewing the recording of your mock interview:

  • listen to your responses to questions with an open mind. 
  • did you come across the way you expected?
  • is there anything you didn't say that could have made your interview more memorable to the interviewer?
  • how do you think you may have been perceived by the interviewer?