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Check Your Voicemail Before You Start Applying for Jobs!

You’ve worked hard on your application. You’ve double checked for spelling errors, and you know you are the perfect fit for this job. You’ve followed up on your application and made such a great impression that the employer decides she wants to call you in for an interview . . .

Don’t let your voicemail ruin your chances of landing the job.

Things to avoid:

  • Full voicemail mailbox – A full mailbox can be frustrating for an employer who is trying to contact you. Set aside time at least once a week to make sure you clean out your voicemail mailbox.
  • Funny or inappropriate voicemail messages – Whether you’re trying to be funny or trying to show off your singing abilities, chances are the hiring manager won’t be impressed. Make sure your voicemail message is simple, considerate, and to the point.
  • Not setting up your voicemail mailbox – Ever try leaving a message for someone and receive this recording? “The voicemail system of the person you are trying to reach has not been set up yet.” How frustrating! A hiring manager will likely feel the same. Fact is, not setting up your voicemail mailbox makes you look a little lazy. Definitely make sure you have it set up before you start sending out job applications.

Little things like a great voicemail can really set you apart from your competition. Here’s an example of an appropriate voicemail message:

Hi. This is Jim Smith. I can’t take your call right now, but I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please leave me a detailed message after the tone. Thanks for your call.

Often, voicemail mailboxes come with generic voicemail greetings. While not ideal, these greetings can be used instead, if you so choose.