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Education and Training Section (Chronological & Functional Resumes)

The last section of your resume should be the "Education and Training" section. In this section you should:

  • list your most relevant, significant, or recent degrees or certifications first
  • if you attended a school but did not graduate, indicate the number of credit hours you earned. Include an expected graduation date if it is within six months
  • include relevant technical training
  • include the locations of colleges and universities you attended, but it is not necessary to include the dates you attended

Here are a few examples of what to put in the "Education & Training" section:

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey

Hudson County Community College, Jersey City, New Jersey: 20 semester hours in Culinary Science

U.S. Marine Corps: Specialized training in leadership, diversity, and communication