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Experience (Chronological Resumes) and Summary of Qualifications (Functional Resumes) Sections

For a chronological resume, the next section you should create is your "Experience” section. In this section, you should list key accomplishments and responsibilities for each positi"n you’ve held (typically going back ten years). When preparing a functional resume, your next step will be to create a "Summary of Qualifications" section. In this section, you should highlight your three or four strongest skill sets and include two to four skill statements for each. After your "Summary of Qualifications," you should list your work experience in a "History of Employment" section, including the most important information regarding your current and previous places of employment.

As emphasized earlier, you should strive to frame your experience and skills in ways that enable hiring decision makers or members of your job search network to easily grasp how your experience and capabilities prepare you to contribute to an employer's success. To learn how to frame your "Experience" or "Summary of Qualifications" section in a way that will grab the attention of someone hiring for a specific position, visit Customize Your Resume.