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Federal Bonding Information for Jobseekers

What is Federal Bonding?

Are you having difficulty obtaining employment because of something negative in your past? Are you seen as a "risky" job candidate because of a poor credit score or an irregular work history? The Federal Bonding program can help assure employers that you are a safe bet for a position.

The Federal Bonding program helps "at-risk" or hard-to-place jobseekers obtain employment. Talk to a bonding representative at your local One-Stop Career Center today. A bonding representative can provide a potential employer a fidelity bond, which is a special type of insurance that protects employers from employee dishonesty resulting in loss of money or property. Employers are more willing to hire a job applicant who is seen as “at-risk” if he or she has a fidelity bond.

Do I qualify?

If something in your past has lead employers to question your honesty and deny you a job, you may qualify. The Federal Bonding program has helped:

  • individuals with poor personal credit.
  • individuals dishonorably discharged from the military.
  • people lacking work history.
  • ex-offenders.
  • recovering substance abusers.

The Federal Bonding program is sponsored by the US Department of Labor in partnership with Travelers Property Casualty Insurance Company.

For more information

Talk to a bonding representative today to learn how a fidelity bond can help you secure employment. Visit your local One-Stop Career Center or contact:

James Rimalover, New Jersey State Bonding Coordinator