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Trade Adjustment Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

A Trade Act Petition was filed for my company. What is the next step?

  • It will take approximately 40 days for USDOL to make a decision.
  • Check the USDOL website to see when the company is approved or denied.
  • After a company has been certified by USDOL as being impacted by foreign trade, then the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development Trade Act Unit will set up a Trade Act orientation to explain your benefits to you.
  • You will also complete a New Jersey Trade Act Application for Benefits at the orientation. This form must be completed before receiving any benefits.


I received an invitation for a Trade Act orientation, but I cannot attend. What should I do?

You need to call the number listed on the orientation. Orientation is necessary for a program that offers so many components. Some of the benefits have deadlines that you need to be aware of, so you will need to reschedule.

I submitted my New Jersey Trade Act Application for Benefits. What is the next step?

Questions to ask yourself before you enroll in training:

  • You will need to wait until you receive your Trade Act Entitlement Letter before you can actually receive any benefits, but it is a good idea to begin your research on how to make yourself more marketable. 
    • Do I need additional training in order to become re-employed or am I already marketable? 
    • Do I need to change my career path? Or is my career still an in-demand occupation?
    • What type of re-training do I need? Vocational? Remedial? Certificate? License? College degree?

I received my Trade Act Entitlement Letter. What should I do next?

You need to contact your TAA representative as soon as possible so that you can decide on your re-training goals.

I cannot reach my TAA representative. What should I do?

Please contact your TAA representative by email and allow a few days for a response. If you do not hear back, please call or email our Trenton office under Contact Us.

Where do I find training programs and providers?

A list of potential training provider and programs can be found on the Eligible Training Provider Listing (ETPL). We cannot approve a training if it is not on this website. All training approvals must be approved by your TAA representative prior to the start of training.

How long of a training program am I allowed to attend?

The maximum number of weeks you can be in a training program is 130 weeks. This does not include school breaks.

What is my training enrollment deadline to be eligible to collect Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA) weekly benefits?

You must be enrolled in training within 26 weeks of your separation date or your employer's Trade Act certification date - whichever date is later.

Am I still eligible for training if I missed my enrollment deadline?

You may still be considered for training, but you are no longer eligible to receive the TRA weekly benefits once you have missed your enrollment deadline.

Do I have to attend training?

No, but you will not be eligible for TRA if you are not enrolled in a full-time training or covered under a training waiver by the enrollment deadline.

I am having difficulty maintaining my grades in college. What should I do?

You need to contact your TAA representative as soon as possible. If you drop or add classes on your own they will not be approved or paid for.

Am I allowed to work and attend a training program?

  • Part-time employment is allowed while attending full-time training.
  • If full-time employment is obtained, training will normally not be approved or will be terminated. There are certain exceptions - you should discuss the specific details with your TAA representative.

Do I have to seek or accept work while I participate in approved training?

  • Workers enrolled in Trade Act-approved training are not required to seek or accept employment while participating in training.
  • If you are approved to attend Trade Act training, the approval is based, in part, on a finding that there is no suitable employment available to you and no reasonable prospect of obtaining suitable employment in the foreseeable future.
  • If eligible for unemployment insurance (UI) or Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA), while participating in approved training you are relieved of the job-seeking obligations required of other workers filing for UI and TRA; you may instead devote your attention to completing your approved training program.

What if I decide to take a job?

Trade Act training is intended to expedite your return to suitable employment. As a result, there may be implications if you accept employment during training and achieve the goal of the program earlier than expected. You must report any employment to your Trade Act counselor because work obtained during training may affect your eligibility for Trade Act benefits.

I have not received my weekly income support. What should I do?

  • If you have a question about your weekly income support payments (TRA), please contact the Trade Adjustment Assistance Unit (TRA) at the email address on the Contact Us page. Be sure to provide your full name and your Trade Act petition number. Email is the preferred and best way to contact the unit.
  • If you need a bi-weekly form while on a waiver, please fill out the Mail Certification Work Search Record and send it to the TRA Unit.
  • If you need a bi-weekly form while in school, please fill out the Biweekly Request for Allowances by Worker in Training, Trade Act of 1974 and send it to the TRA Unit.

If I have already finished a training program but cannot find work, can I attend another training program?

No, training is limited to one training program, per person, per certification.