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Trade Adjustment Assistance

The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program is a federal entitlement program that assists US workers who have lost or may lose their jobs as a result of foreign trade. This program seeks to provide adversely affected workers with opportunities to obtain the skills, credentials, resources, and support necessary to become reemployed.

The first step to receiving TAA benefits and services is to file a petition online or by mail with the United States Department of Labor (USDOL). Upon receiving a petition, USDOL initiates an investigation to determine whether the circumstances of the layoff meet the group eligibility criteria established by the Trade Act of 1974, as amended.

Program eligibility

A petition identifies a worker group at a specific firm or subdivision and covers all individuals in that group. Generally, if a worker is laid off, a petition must be submitted within one year of the layoff for that worker to be covered by the petition and the certification if USDOL grants the petition.

A group of workers may be eligible for TAA if their jobs are lost or threatened due to trade related circumstances as determined by the USDOL investigation. These circumstances may include:

  • increased imports.
  • a shift in operations to certain countries.
  • supply or downstream production to certain companies with TAA-certified workers.

After the investigation, USDOL determines group eligibility to apply for TAA benefits and services. Workers in a certified group will be notified by the state, at which time they may apply for individual eligibility for benefits and services.

Who can file a petition?

  • Groups of three or more workers in the same firm or subdivision
  • Company officials
  • Unions
  • State workforce officials
  • One-Stop Career Centers
  • Other state agencies and providers such as Rapid Response and Unemployment Insurance

Where do I get a petition form?

Access the petition for TAA

How and where do I submit the petition?

Fax: 202-693-3585

Mail: US Department of Labor
         Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance
         200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Room N-5428
         Washington, DC 20210

Online: US Department of Labor/Trade Act Program

Search for Trade Adjustment Assistance cases

Search USDOL’s Trade Act database for cases by petition number, company name, date range, city, and/or state.

Benefits and services

If a worker is a member of a worker group certified by USDOL, that worker may be eligible to receive the following benefits and services:

  • Training: Classroom training, on the-job training, customized training designed to meet the needs of a specific employer or group of employers, apprenticeship programs, and more.
  • Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA): Income support available in the form of weekly cash payments to workers who are enrolled in a full-time training course and have exhausted their unemployment insurance.
  • Job search allowance: Reimbursement for costs of seeking employment outside of the worker’s commuting area.
  • Relocation allowance: Reimbursement for relocation costs for employment outside of the worker’s commuting area.
  • Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA) and Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance (RTAA): A wage subsidy for up to two years that is available to reemployed older workers and covers a portion of the difference between a worker’s new wage and their old wage (up to a specified maximum amount).
  • Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC): A tax credit to help pay the costs of health insurance.

Contact us

If you have a question about your training, please contact the Trade Adjustment Assistance Unit (TAA) at email address below. Be sure to provide your full name and your TAA petition number if you have one. Email is the preferred and best way to contact the unit.

Phone: 609-292-1203

If you have a question about your weekly income support payments (TRA), please contact the Trade Adjustment Assistance Unit (TRA) at the email below. Be sure to provide your full name and your TAA petition number. Please attach any necessary documents such as a copy of your Bi-Weekly form so that someone can assist. Email is the preferred and best way to contact the unit.

Phone: 609-984-8186
Fax: 609-984-4358