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How OnRamp Can Help You Recruit Top Talent

  1. Search for candidates by using criteria from an ideal candidate's resume or other criteria.
  2. The rating system prioritizes potential candidates based on the skills you need.
  3. There is no limit to search criteria.
  4. Comprehensive filters optimize search for qualified candidates.
  5. Attach customizable "pre-screening" questions to your job postings to filter out unqualified applicants.
  6. Applicants can apply to your job postings online.
  7. Save resumes of interest and old job postings, reducing recruitment and data entry time.
  8. Confirm receipt of applicant resumes, note candidate status, and use automated or customized email responses.
  9. Save resumes with comments and print, download, or flag resumes for future consideration.
  10. Learn the number of suitable candidates notified of each job posting and how many identify themselves as veterans.
  11. OnRamp's services are offered at no cost to you.