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Employment and "Phishing" Scams

In addition to thousands of New Jersey-registered employers using OnRamp to search for workers, New Jersey uses automated processes to collect job opportunities information from over 2,500+ job board, newspaper, and company sources so jobseekers can conduct the widest-reaching job searches from one place. As stated in OnRamp's "Terms of Use," the information is offered on an "as is" basis with the usual internet-related warnings about providing personal information.

With so many people unemployed, internet-based scams designed to trick people into divulging sensitive personal information, such as Social Security, bank, and credit card account numbers are often disguised as job opportunities and/or job offers. While OnRamp uses technology designed to detect and remove questionable job listings, and actively investigates ones reported to us, jobseekers must be vigilant when conducting online job searches and responding to offers of potential employment.

Please keep the following in mind when using OnRamp or any other job search website. If you receive an email that fits any one of these criteria, chances are it is a scam. Beware if the email:

  • is from an individual or website you do not recognize.
    • Please note: communications from employers using the OnRamp resume database will come from OnRamp employers are not given your contact information and must contact you via our blind email. It is your choice to contact the employer after viewing their job listing.
    • Automated job matches from OnRamp will come from and link you to job listings at the following domain:
  • does not include information about a specific job opening.
  • offers a job that appears "too good to be true."
  • contains vague statements such as "we have thousands of jobs" or "we work with major companies."
  • mentions seeing your resume on a website where you did not post it.
  • does not say where the sender saw your resume.
  • Links to a website/job listing that look professional, but lack any details as to:
    • where the company is located, or
    • company contact information.
  • offers to sell you a "starter kit" or something similar.
  • mentions paying you via bank account transfers.